Lego Seaside Town Build Project

I have recently started work on designing and constructing a LEGO Seaside town model which enables me to dream of a seaside holiday!

 The past year, since the Corona virus Pandemic has hit us all; many things have changed quite a bit! Within days of the first UK lockdown, all of the hands on LEGO workshops that I had booked in were unfortunately cancelled so I have had to rethink the structure of my business. I have moved back in to Teaching (Design and Technology) part time, which now allows me to work on bespoke LEGO commissions the rest of the time. I’m enjoying the teaching as well, and hope that once restrictions allow, I will still be able to have time to plan and run plenty of hands on workshops and events.

A new project that I have started on, to make a LEGO Sea-side town model, is really just for fun, but it also enables me to do a couple of things. Firstly it helps me escape, in to a world where there is no pandemic, and dream of a seaside holiday! Secondly it’s providing me with opportunities to design and build fun little creations that I can share on line on my social media. The response to my mini build instructions has been really good and so I have decided to make them all available, for free, here on my website. My passion is creativity, and if I can encourage others to grab a few LEGO bricks and have a go at building, maybe they will experience the same joy and escape that I do.

The Seaside town that I’m building will contain lots of things that remind me of my own family holidays form my childhood. I do love to be beside the seaside! As a family we used to regularly travel to Exmouth and Bournemouth for summer holidays so I have named my town “Brickmouth Bay”. Eventually it will depict a typical British Seaside resort, with beach, cliffs, pier, lighthouse and lots of custom modular buildings.

Brickmouth Bay
Brickmouth Bay Plan