Lego Minifigure Habitats

I have recently started making minifigure habitats, essentially a small scene in which a LEGO minifigure lives (8×8 studs in size).  I originally spotted the idea on the “rambling brick” website, and started by making a couple but very quickly became addicted! I’m currently setting myself the challenge of designing and building one every day, and I’m working through my collection of CMF’s (collectable minifigures) I post the images on my Instagram and Twitter accounts @thebrickconsultant, so do have a look.

The builds are essentially very simple but I think they are effective because of all the small details that I try to put in to each one. Creativity is my thing, so I love coming up with ideas, trying to imagine a fun build that will show off the minifigures character. Then the fun part is finding all the pieces to make each scene. There are thousands of different LEGO elements to choose from, and often the more unusual parts will add a little more interest to a build.

The clever thing about the design of the habitats is that they can easily stack together to form a pyramid shape, perfect for display. Below you can see the first two collections that I have made, and there are plenty more to keep me busy for quite some time!

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