About me

I’m Steve Guinness, my passion is creativity and I’m self employed making bespoke models with LEGO bricks, as well as running workshops and activities to educate and inspire with hands on learning.  

I have been a secondary school Design and Technology Teacher for 18 years, but in 2017 I entered and won the Channel 4 TV competition called “Lego Masters”. This was a fantastic experience, and ultimately it has helped give me the confidence I needed to give up teaching and set up my own business.

I love LEGO and believe it is a really versatile product that has endless possibilities. It has a universal appeal to young and old, and with a little imagination, patience and time, you can make literally anything out of the simple plastic bricks.

In my spare time I have designed and made a model Typewriter out of LEGO! It operates using a simple hand crank mechanism, and my dream is for the design to become a real retail LEGO set. It has had 10,000 supporters on a platform called LEGO Ideas, and is currently in review with the LEGO Ideas review board, so fingers crossed!

Me and my teammate Nate with the 2017 Channel 4 LEGO Masters Trophy. It was a dream come true to win the show and spurred me on to set up my own business.
The winning build we built for the final of LEGO MAsters, which illustrated how we embrace our inner child, and value the importance of a good balance between work and play in our lives.